On Corporate Compliance at KMW

Dear visitor to www.kmweg.de,

Products in defence technology are not just random industrial goods. As a production location and exporter of defence technology, Germany has a distinguishable responsibility: both in light of its own history and in the context of current global politics. Thus, the sale of defence technology is particularly strictly regulated in our country. We comply with all of these regulations and we take our responsibilities seriously.

As a company with a long tradition, we have acquired an excellent reputation spanning decades. This reputation is based on the achievements of our workforce and the values that we live by at KMW. Managing directors, managers and employees are all obliged to comply with national and international law and the principles of fair competition. We have set up a system of guidelines, obligations and procedures to help us do this that has proven its effectiveness for some considerable time now - including in collaborations with our business partners at home and abroad.

The prevention of corruption lies at the heart of this system. No single employee is entitled to represent the company alone, because the double-checking principle applies without exception. In regular training courses, we teach our employees about all aspects of the problem of corruption and educate them in how to detect corruption risks and therefore avoid them early on. Anyone who raises the alarm over suspicious circumstances can rest assured that the company will offer them its full protection. KMW's compliance department is the direct contact at all times for any employee with concerns regarding compliance risks in general or corruption risks in particular.

KMW is committed to compliance with all relevant export controls and regulations applicable to its business. This commitment extends to promoting strict compliance on an ongoing basis. It is KMW policy that all employees comply with the above mentioned export policy. Employees may neither export nor re-export any commodity, technology, or software unless an appropriate authorization has been obtained.
No activities will be undertaken that are in violation of relevant regulations, which seek to control nuclear proliferation, missile technology, and chemical and biological weapons. We take this matter very seriously and the executive board asks all support for this effort. If there occur any questions concerning the legitimacy of a transaction or potential violations in context with export regulations please contact our Export Control department.

My fellow board members and I have zero tolerance for criminal activity and infringements of our approved values. And everyone can take us at our word.

We want our world to be safer and more secure - not just through our technologies, but also through our conduct. This is a task we set ourselves each day anew.

Yours sincerely,
Frank Haun
Chief Executive Officer
Krauss-Maffei Wegmann GmbH & Co. KG