iC2 - intelligent Command & Control

Persistent, highly mobile C3I-system for the sustainable improvement of the command capabilities of the army.

In today’s combat theaters, time is of the essence, making the ability to track complex troop and vehicle movements and react in real time a major advantage. iC2 is a powerful command and control software suite that provides all units and control centers with the best data management available.

In developing the iC2 Suite, KMW was able to capitalize on many years of experience and a long tradition of excellence in vehicle-based technology to create cutting-edge solutions for NATO and non-NATO customers. Major components of the Suite are already in service worldwide.

The iC2 Suite is highly modular, enabling it to function as the standalone core of a large C4ISR system or to be integrated into existing solutions to enhance their capabilities.

Solutions for the Artillery, Logistics, tactical commanding or even command posts are available.


To maintain its status as a state-of-the-art solution, iC2 is continuously being updated to meet the demands of new customers and incorporate the latest knowledge accumulated in service.