Individual electronic components

Production of electronic components as prototypes, small, medium or large series as well as modifications and reinstatement.

For over 40 years KMW has successfully been developing and manufacturing customized electric and electronic components as prototypes, small, medium and large series and performs modifications as well as reinstatement.

The service spectrum includes following products:

Cable assemblies:

  • single fiber cables
  • complex cable harnesses
  • Special cables for highest standards in signal transmission, EMC shielding, heat resistance and  resistance to environmental influences
  • LWL-cables
  • Databus cables
  • High current cables


Appliance assembly:

  • Control and power electronics
  • Operation devices
  • Power distributors
  • Video and image transmission system
  •  Communication electronics
  • Test systems


Circuit board assembly (SMD and THT components):

  • Signal, control and power components
  • Motherboards
  • Video and image transmission system modules
  • Communication modules


Quality assurance:

The manufactured products are undertaken extensive quality assessments according to the customer demands. The testing equipment for this purpose comprises various wiring testers, testing computers for complex tests of functionality and optical inspection systems as well as a climatic chamber. In order to do justice to the high standards of quality, we are certified as follows:

  • ISO 9001:2008
  • VG96927-2 for all basic types


With the existing equipment (specialized machines and tools) highly qualified co-workers as well as corresponding materials logistics and control processes, we are capable of reliably  and professionally perform the entire range of services. We prove this performance with 20 000 orders for manufacturing each year