iVeNet® provides a future-oriented IT architecture to the vehicle payload. It secures the payload growth potential and allows innovative approaches for future applications.

The increasing number of independent subsystems in modern vehicles decreases the physiological and psychological ergonomics… and the quality of work successively declines. Clarity and intuitive operation act against this impairment.

Integrating additional controls for independent subsystems inside  modern vehicles is becoming increasingly difficult due to vehicle space constraints and other issues. iVeNet® is a system solutions which addresses this challenge by making sensor data available over a network and providing the information  in a summarized format. iVeNet® increases the crew situational awareness and thereby drastically shortens the response time. Additionally, training duration can be significantly reduced by using this common user interface.

  • Harmonized and transversal operating and display concept for each workstation
  • Future-oriented system architecture with high growth potential
  • Transferable concept for different vehicle variants
  • Consistent networking of the sensors with the effectors
  • Integrate new applications and components via simple software adaptation
  • Minimization of the logistical effort through standardized Hardware
  • Additional Video analysis and processing is possible
  • Provision of additional vehicle data due to connection to the vehicle bus
  • Retrofitting and integration in serial production is possible