Mechanical Weapon Stations

Mechanical Weapon Stations

Mechanical Weapon Stations as a tested and proven main or secondary armament.

The Mechanical Weapon Stations by KMW have repeatedly outperformed competitive products in international competition, due to their low silhouette as well as low weight and are therefore the number one choice for military users or security forces to this day.  This is why they are currently integrated onto numerous, diverse wheeled and tracked vehicles as either the main or secondary armament.

Adequately encountering any threat
The Mechanical Weapon Stations allow for a fast change of operational system. Weapon types such as the MG3, HK 40 mm AGL, FN 50 are licensed/permitted and qualified [for adaption]. Additional systems such as smoke grenade launching systems or searchlights can be adapted.

Everything in sight
The target acquisition is performed via a periscope and can be supported by further optical or optoelectronic equipment (e.g. a thermal imaging device).

Best response possibilities
The highly reliable mechanical drive mechanism of the gun carriage enables an easy and safe operation of the weapon from within the vehicle, while protected from NBC, tank or laser threats. The operational safety is enhanced by a mechanical weapon locking system, protective padding as well as the sensing of the hatches[/the fitting of the hatches with sensors].