Modular Non-Lethal Protection Systems

Active protection in the vehicle proximity

The demand for non-lethal protective systems for the close vehicle proximity is increasing for police, security and military forces worldwide. Solutions by KMW are based on the integration or slight adaptation of tested and proven water-spraying or impulse pressure systems on vehicles or in already existing weapon stations such as the FLW systems.

The Modular Non-Lethal Safety System (MNLS) is adaptable onto ll mission vehicles. It generates an atomized spray, containing a riot agent, thereby creating room for action in threat scenarios. The spraying devices, attached at all sides of the vehicle, can be operated individually, in sections or all together. Through the use of singlular modules, the MNLS can be adapted individually to the size of the vehicle and upgraded or downgraded according to the mission-specific needs.

An independent deployment for camp defense or in the controlling of building entrances is also possible.

The MNLS can:


  • be used on all wheeled and tracked vehicles
  • be used with diverse riot agents such as OC, CN, CS as well as extinguishing agents or colouring additives
  • be deployed as an independent solution
  • used for fire fighting
  • be used at a effective range of up to 5 m