Non-Lethal Protection Systems (NLS)

Active protection in the vehicle proximity

The demand for non-lethal protective systems for the close vehicle proximity is increasing for police, security and military forces worldwide. Solutions by KMW are based on the integration or slight adaptation of tested and proven water-spraying or impulse pressure systems on vehicles or in already existing weapon stations such as the FLW systems.

The Non-Lethal Safety System (NLS) can either be mounted onto wheeled or tracked vehicles as a self-sufficient rotatable system, integrated into existing weapon stations or used by  dismounted forces. The water-spraying and impulse pressure system is operational both from within the protected vehicle interior as well as a portable device and can be used for camp defense or the protection of buildings/objects.


  • useable on all wheeled and tracked vehicles
  • Adaptable to weapon stations
  • deployable as an independent non-lethal weapon station
  • can be used with diverse riot agents such as OC, CN, CS as well as extinguishing agents or colouring additives
  • used for fire fighting (NLS as a portable system)
  • effective range of up to 20 m