RCH 155© Remote-Controlled Howitzer

The new wheeled armoured howitzer RCH 155© combines the fire power and effective range of the automated and remote-controlled Artillery Gun Module (AGM©) with the protection and mobility of the combat-proven wheeled armoured vehicle BOXER.

The combination of the unmanned AGM© with its NATO-JBMOU compatible, fielded 155 mm / L52 main gun delivers a unique 360° efficiency range across all elevations and with up to six modular charges without the necessity of support legs.

As a systematic further development based on PzH 2000©, the RCH 155© is a lighter, flexible, and long-range artillery system for all relevant mission scenarios, providing very high protection for the crew.

Main features of the RCH 155©:


  • Highly-mobile, armoured and automated artillery system
  • Unmanned, fully automated and remote-controlled gun module AGM©
  • Superior range and area coverage provided by the 155 mm / L52 gun and its ability to fire JBMOU-compatible 155 mm ammunition
  • Long range lethality with a high rate of fire
  • Ability to handle and fire JBMOU compatible shells up to 1,000 mm length
  • Autonomous navigation and fire control
  • Automated gun laying system with coincidence control of the weapon
  • Fully automated loading system for projectiles and modular charges
  • Loading and firing in all elevation and azimuth positions possible
  • Capability of “Shoot and Scoot” and “Multiple Round Simultaneous Impact” (MRSI)
  • Capability of moving targets engagement
  • High level of protection for the crew:
    • Ballistic protection against 14.5 mm HMG / artillery fragments
    • Mine protection against AT and AP mines
    • NBC protection system
  • High tactical wheeled mobility
  • 2-man crew in protected BOXER chassis
  • Cooling and heating system for crew and turret
  • High reliability (mature technology and subassemblies based on PzH 2000©)
  • Options for day / night 360°-surveillance, self-protection and direct firing (RCWS); Barracuda mobile camouflage
  • Growth potential for unmanned operation (remote-controlled driving and firing)