The revolution of artillery

DONAR, the joint venture between KMW and GDELS , is a highly modern and innovative 155 mm / L52 howitzer which revolutionizes the previous concept of artillery through its high performance.  It consists of the fully automatic, unmanned and autonomous artillery gun module in combination with the ASCOD 2, a tested and proven infantry fighting vehicle chassis.

High mobility and autonomous functionality paired with best survivability

DONAR combines the high mobility of an infantry fighting vehicle with the fully automatic, unmanned functionality of the remote-controlled 155 mm / L52 Artillery Gun Module.  The fire power of the DONAR therefore corresponds to that of a PzH 2000. The maximum range exceeds 56km with range-increased ammunition.

The interaction between man and machine is optimized and enables extremely fast firing and maneuvering while the autonomous system integrates seamlessly into the networked and centralized command and control system (network-centric warfare). Despite a notable reduction in weight and size, the gun module functions without additional stabilization and can be rotated over 360°.

The crew comprises two soldiers (driver and commander) who operate the system from a heavily-protected driver cab separate from the automatic gun module.  The survivability of both crew and system is enhanced through the high degree of automation and also by the cab protection, which satisfies a very high NATO protection class standard and protects the crew against small arms and shell splinters from artillery and mortar munitions.

Optimized for air transport
With a gross weight of of less than 31,5 tonnes it is easily possible to transport the system in the future European transport aircraft A400M or similar aircraft of this payload capacity.


Characteristics and capabilities of the DONAR 

  • Unmanned and autonomous 155 MM / L52 artillery module
  • Fully automatic loading of rounds and modular propellants [charges?]
  • Superior range and area coverage
  • Capable of Multiple Rounds Simultaneous Impact (MRSI)
  • Inductive fuse programming
  • Built-In Test Equipment (BITE) System
  • Deployable as a C-RAM system
  •  Flexible integration onto suitable wheeled and tracked vehicle chassis
  • Autonomy in navigation and fire control
  • Weapon load of 30 rounds
  •  Fully automatic aiming
  • High mobility on corresponding chassis