Smart Camp Defence

Secure base for successful operations

An innovative, modular and cost-efficient camp protection system protecting against mortar and rocket fire  as well as other inbound threats. The core of the system consists of four to six AGMs (Artillery Gun Modules). In collaboration with a reconnaissance system and a fire control system, KMW artillery systems  can effectively neutralise incoming threats over long distances with 155 mm explosive projectiles and  engage enemy forces with counter-fire.

Characteristics and capabilities of the AGM

  • Unmanned and autonomous 155 MM / L52 artillery module
  • Fully automatic loading of rounds and modular propellants [charges?]
  • Superior range and area coverage
  • Capable of Multiple Rounds Simultaneous Impact (MRSI)
  • Inductive fuse programming
  • Built-In Test Equipment (BITE) System
  • Deployable as a C-RAM system
  • Flexible integration onto suitable wheeled and tracked vehicle chassis
  • Autonomy in navigation and fire control
  • Weapon load of 30 rounds
  • Fully automatic aiming
  • High mobility on corresponding chassis


Most modern tube artillery system in the world: PzH 2000
The PzH 2000 is a highly mobile and flexible weapon system which is deployed in both conventional missions as well as in asymmetric mission scenarios as indirect fire support. The fully automatic handling of the 60 round on-board ammunition reserve and a modern and precise 155 mm/ L52 ordnance enable the engaging of targets at a high rate of fire – within the shortest amount of time.  These characteristics make the PzH 2000 to the most  effective artillery system in the world – and to an absolute standard for modern artillery. Designed for joint operations, the full autonomy of the complete system in terms of handling, navigation, fire control as well as its system-based stability enable completely new tactical mission possibilities. The PzH 2000 satisfies all international requirements for a modern tube artillery system and is currently in use with four NATO member countries.  More than 330 systems have been produced and supplied to date. Since September 2006 the PzH 2000 has successfully been deployed in Afghanistan. Together with the Canadian Forces the PzH 2000 of the Royal Netherlands Army could prove its international leading position, amongst others, during the Operation MEDUSA by reliably supporting the ISAF troops in Afghanistan.