MLRS improved - Multiple Launch Rocket System

The rocket launcher MLRS improved combines highest precision with greatest range

The MLRS was introduced to US military armed forces in 1983. Designed and optimized for the combating of  large surface targets under the conditions of the cold war, the system was adapted and optimized in the following years with respect to the changed requirements of current and future threat scenarios. The weapon system, which fires unguided 230mm rockets from a gun carriage, is in use with numerous nations and NATO armed forces.


In service with artillery troops since more than 25 years

The MLRS has been in use with the German Army since 1990 under the name MARS – Mittleres Artillerieraketensystem. The all-round modernized, adapted and combat enhanced system is the German version of the MLRS.

The MARS has been an efficient partner for threat scenarios within the framework of network centric operations for general, as well as for operational firefights.  Depending on the type of target, the MARS can fire different types of munitions over distances ranging from 10 to 40 km.


MARS II, the Guided Multiple-Launch Rocket System (GMLRS)

Since 2010 the MARS systems are being optimized further. The enhanced weapon system has the name MARS II. In cooperation with different European Manufacturers KMW is in charge of the combat enhancement and modernization for several nations:

  • Germany: from MARS to MARS II
  • Italy: from MLRS to MLRS improved
  • France: from MLRS to Lance Roquette Unitaire (LRU)


The optimization measures encompass amongst others the integration of the European Fire Control System/EFCS for the firing of guided rockets (GMLRS).


The warheads used are a SMArt (Suchzünder-Munition-Artillerie/”Search-fuze-munition-artillery”) as well as a penetrating/fracturing warhead (UNITARY) with a time delay fuze and proximity fuze. All systems are furthermore equipped with the new ELDS (Electrical Launch Drive System/ Electronic Positioning System) developed by KMW, which enables a rapid positioning of the weapon system and replaces the previous maintenance-intensive hydraulics.

A new fully automatic and ozone-free fire-extinguishing system for the engine compartment allows for automatic fire monitoring and fire control, even up to 24 hours after shutdown of the MLRS launcher. This upgrade package is used in Germany and Italy.

Together with the guided artillery rocket GMLRS UNITARY, the MARS II forms one system which achieves the desired effect through the necessary precision and an outstanding range under near to any conditions. Through the upgrade to MARS II and the use of the Guided Multiple-Launch Rocket System (GMLRS) an increased range of > 70 km as well as a high precision are achieved.

  • Firepower: High rate of fire (12 rockets in approx. 60 sec.) with numerous types of rockets and target-dependant, optimized submunitions.
  • Versatility: Broad mission-spectrum through a large number of munitions with a range of up to > 70 km.
  • Mobility: Excellent mobility with a large range and the capability to change location quickly (Shoot & Scoot).