Bridge Layer LEGUAN

A broad range of applications, one unique solution.

The LEGUAN bridge-laying tank can configure one 26 meter or two 14 meter bridges with a load rating of class MLC 80.  (exceptional load rating class up to MLC 110). The fully automatic laying system enables bridges to be constructed in approximately five minutes. The tactical advantage of the system is to be found in its horizontal laying technique which preserves the low silhouette on missions. The operation is automated and performed by the driver via a system menu, but can also be performed independently by the commander.

Internationally operated bridge system
KMW created the LEGUAN tank-launched assault bridge system for the Norwegian, Greek, Belgian, Chilean, Turkish and Finnish armed forces on the basis of the LEOPARD 1 or LEOPARD 2.   Its high modularity additionally allows for the system to be fitted onto other new or used tank chassis – as shown, for example, by its deployment on the chassis of the Polish T91, the US M1 „WOLVERINE“ and the M47/M60.  The laying system can also be carried by wheeled vehicles, such as the 8x8 vehicle by MAN or the 10x10 vehicle by the Finnish company SISU.

The LEGUAN system is already in action with 14 different armies. The interoperability of all deployed bridges is guaranteed.

The following tracked vehicles have been fitted with the LEGUAN bridge system:

  • M1A1/A2 ‚Wolverine‘ Heavy Assault Bridge (HAB) for the US Armed Forces
  • Leopard 1 for the Norwegian, Belgian, Chilean and Greek Armed Forces
  • Leopard 2 for the Finnish Armed Forces
  • M60/M47 for the Spanish Armed Forces
  • PT91/T72 for the Malaysian Armed Forces


The following wheeled vehicles have been fitted with the LEGUAN bridge system:

  •  MAN 8x8, amongst others for the Norwegian, Dutch and Singaporean Armed Forces
  • SISU 10x10 for the Finnish Armed Forces


Disaster Relief Operation
Due to its flexibility and modular versatility, the LEGUAN is not only capable of military deployment but also ideal for the short-term reestablishment of civil transport infrastructure. For this purpose a special modification kit available, consisting of the following elements:

  • lateral railing equipment
  • central covering panels MLC 12


In addition, the bridge can be equipped with a measuring device, capable of detecting capacity overloads, therefore allowing for reliable conclusions about the remaining service life.