Bridge Layer LEGUAN

A broad range of applications, one unique solution.

Using additional pontoons and hydraulically operated ramps, the LEGUAN bridge can also be used for the building of ferries.

The LEGUAN bridge system as floating bridge and ferry
The bridge layer slides the unassembled bridge over the pontoons, to which the bridge is then fastened. . The integrated water jet drives also provide for the highest maneuverability in shallow waters. Vehicles can drive onto the ferry via hydraulically adjustable ramps, which are attached at the ends of the bridge. Even floating bridges can be mounted quickly with the LEGUAN system: several ferries can simply be joint together allowing a continuous transit of vehicles.

Disaster Relief Operation
Due to its flexibility and modular versatility, the LEGUAN is not only capable of military deployment but also ideal for the short-term reestablishment of civil transport infrastructure. For this purpose a special modification kit available, consisting of the following elements:

  • lateral railing equipment
  • entral covering panels MLC 12


In addition, the bridge can be equipped with a measuring device, capable of detecting capacity overloads, therefore allowing for reliable conclusions about the remaining service life.