Protected truck cabins

Highest level of protection made by KMW

The expanded mission spectrum of our worldwide customers calls for adequate protection of the tactical forces in all missions, such as patrol or transport operations. During such operations, the vehicle crews are to be protected from threats such as snipers, artillery fragments, mine explosions and NBC attacks.


Individual protection – independent of the carrier vehicle
As the world's technological leader in this sector, KMW offers comprehensive protection equipment for diverse truck cabins. The individual driver cabs developed by KMW are independent of the carrier vehicle. KMW supplies proprietary welded full-sized cabs with a defined level of protection to the vehicle manufacturer.

Long-standing experience and certified safety
Based on long-standing experience in the processing of certified armored steels, KMW is able to design, fabricate and finish welded cabs. The cabs are designed on the premise of leaving the driver cab interior more or less unchanged. 

In addition to the armored, welded driver cab, the customer can also choose from the following options:

  • NBC protection
  • Mounted weapon stations on the driver roof
  • Intercom system
  • Rear view vision system