Mobile spare parts logistics

Mobile spare parts logistics

Mission-readiness throughout the entire system lifecycle

The Spare Parts Logistics ensures the availability of critical spare parts around the clock. KMW offers solutions for the entire lifecycle of the systems and for the entire mission spectrum, taking into consideration the specific user and mission profiles as well as numerous years of experience.  In the holistic logistics concept cost-efficient solutions are developed, which guarantee a comprehensive service and high system availability for the customer.

Customized Spare Parts Logistics
Demand forecasts on the basis of many years of experience and specific user profiles.

Supply Strategies
Service Level framework contract and Vendor Managed Inventory are a guarantee for a high system availability.

MULTIBOX System Solution
The multi-modal solution for the availability and the security of supply of the mission logistics. With the MULTIBOX-System Solution, KMW offers a high availability of spare parts, special tools and service products and enhances the efficiency of mission logistics.

Advantages of the Spare Parts Logistics:

  • Established: Offers a high availability and reliability through a customer-oriented logistics solutions
  • Modular: Offers options for any user profile
  • Experienced: Offers a high cost-efficiency through system specific solutions