IFV PUMA sets new standards

Most advanced system of its kind - worldwide

The PUMA’s inherent protection affords its crew what is currently the world’s best combined protection against mines, shaped charges and KE ammunition as well as NBC weapons. To support this capability, it features protection technologies of the latest generation. Its air portability combined with excellent agility in heavy terrain and its scalability for future requirements defines that system as an ideal companion for international conflict management. In terms of strategic and tactical mobility, the IFV PUMA exceeds all requirements of enforcement capability and combat power.

His leadership capacity in networked operations is also available under extreme climate conditions and insufficient infrastructure. This is made through the provision of interfaces for the command and control system (FüInfoSys), the targeting friend and foe (FFI), and the Infanterist der Zukunft (Future Soldier System).

KMW develops and manufactures the Infantry Fighting Vehicle PUMA together with Rheinmetall Land Systems. This joint venture is called PSM Projekt System & Management GmbH and is based in Kassel.

More information at: www.psm-spz.de