Still state-of-the-art

The LEOPARD 1 main battle tank is an international success story for KMW: Since 1965, more than 4,700 units have been manufactured and remain in service in eleven countries on five continents. Thanks to its continuous upgrading and modernization process, the LEOPARD 1 remains a state-of-the-art design. Users of earlier versions have the choice of several retrofit kits to adapt the product configuration, putting corresponding emphasis on firepower, protection, mobility and logistics as needed.

Continuous upgrading
Technical modifications to the LEOPARD 1 have also produced a comprehensive range of tactical features. This includes a high first-shot hit probability with all types of munitions operating in day and night, under limited visibility, while on the move and while engaging moving targets. Other attractive system features include rapid firing procedures, high adjusting precision and reliability, quick weapons system checking and the verification of combat readiness status without the need for external test equipment.

The LEOPARD - a story of success
The LEOPARD is the synonym for worldwide leading battle tank technology. Its close to 50 year history is a unique success story. As a powerful answer to the manifold threats of the past, present and future, it constitutes the backbone of modern, visionary and  effective armed forces all over the world. Its  outstanding combat effectiveness, consisting of an optimal combination of fire power, protection, mobility and  state-of-the-art manoeuvrability, set worldwide standards. For this reason, the LEOPARD has excelled in every comparative test. The modular design allows the deployment of this battle tank well into the middle of the 21st century, always well adapted for any  threat scenario