The allied standard

The LEOPARD 2 owes its outstanding combat effectiveness to an optimal combination of protection, agility, maneuverability and fire power.

The version LEOPARD 2A4 constitutes the basis of today’s LEOPARD-family. It is armed with an L44-smoothbore gun (120mm) and the high potential of further developments form optimal preconditions for technical adaptations to the military needs of modern armies in the 21st century. The primary as well as secondary protection of the system, for example, is kept effective against even the most modern types of munitions through constant development.

16 allied partner nations put their trust in the LEOPARD 2
Its versatile superiority is made use of by 16 nations worldwide. KMW has delivered to all of them. At 3 500 pieces, that is an unmatched quota. Furthermore, a number of international customers define and devise common supply concepts, further development and  plans for adaptations. Reference costumers for the LEOPARD-family are, amongst others, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Spain and Greece.

Optimal maneuverability
Absolute supremacy on the battle field. The optimal maneuverability of the LEOPARD 2  rests on the unique combination between the vehicle crew and highly sophisticated technology – made in Germany.

Balanced protection
Protected effectively. The continuous development of the primary and secondary protection effectively protects the crew and vehicle from the most modern types of munitions and threats.  Multitudinous combat performance enhancement systems for a number of international customers, guarantee
that the LEOPARD 2 will continue to excel in any comparative test in the future.

Unrivaled mobility
Highly mobile and superior in any terrain. 1.100 kW award the LEOPARD 2 with highest speeds and an unrivaled agility. The hydromechanical gear mechanism in combination with the well-proven traveling gear, allow for maximum performance in any climatic region – in snow just as on sand, be it on hard or soft surfaces.