The allied standard

The LEOPARD 2 owes its superior fighting ability to an optimal combination of protection, agility, controllability and fire power.

Just like the LEOPARD 2A4 it is armed with a L44-smoothbore gun (120mm). In addition, it has been upgraded and modernized several times since its introduction in 1995. An optimized front protection of the gun turret, an electronic turret and weapons  driving mechanism, a commanders periscope equipped with its own infrared camera/thermal imaging device, a modern navigation system and a reversing camera are just a few of the upgrades to have been realized since.

The modular design of the LEOPARD 2A5 will facilitate future modernizations and improvements in combat effectiveness and will ensure its deployment far into the 21st century, always adapted to the most diverse threat scenarios.

16 allied partner nations put their trust in the LEOPARD 2
Its versatile superiority is made use of by 16 nations worldwide. KMW has delivered to all of them. At 3 500 pieces, that is an unmatched quota. Furthermore, a number of international customers define and devise common supply concepts, further development and  plans for adaptations. Reference costumers for the LEOPARD-family are, amongst others, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Denmark and Sweden.

Optimal controllability
Absolute supremacy on the battle field. The optimal controllability of the LEOPARD 2  rests on the unique combination between the vehicle crew and highly sophisticated technology – made in Germany.

Facts on the controllability:

  • state-of-the-art C4I-system and full capability for network enabled operations (NEOps)
  • hybrid navigation system
  • stabilized main targeting device with thermal imaging and laser rangefinder
  • stabilized all-round observation and infrared targeting device for the commanding officer
  • high resolution night vision device for the driver
  • reversing camera

Balanced protection
Protected effectively. The continuous development of the primary and secondary protection effectively protects the crew and vehicle from the most modern types of munitions and threats.  Multitudinous combat performance enhancement systems for a number of international customers, guarantee that the LEOPARD 2 will continue to excel in any comparative test in the future.

Facts on the protection:

  • highest ballistic frontal protection against tank guns and anti tank guns
  • modular protection kit
  • worldwide leading roof protection against artillery munitions and bomblets
  • adaptive mine protection
  • complete NBC-protection in the cockpit
  • no usage of radioactive or explosive materials in the protection elements