With the performance characteristics of the A7+

The Leopard 2A7 + was developed and qualified for the new tasks of the German Armed Forces. The system components, optimized to protect the crew, prove thier worth, currently being in use in Afghanistan with NATO's Partner Canada.

Amongst others its features include:

  • Passive all-round protection for the crew against threats such as roadside bombs, mines and bazooka fire
  • Interface for attaching implements, such as a mine plow, mine roller or a dozer blade for clearing mines, booby traps or building debris blocking the roads
  • Cooling system for both the turret and chassis
  • Increased power-rated additional power generators for check-point missions
  • Communication interface on the exterior of the vehicle for dismounted forces
  • Combined driver's night vision (thermal imager / image intensifier) for front and rear view
  • Improved optoelectronics (day / night) for reconnaissance over long distances
  • Digitized and multifunctional user concept