Driving simulators for rail-borne vehicles

Driving Simulators for rail-borne vehicles

Simulation solution incl. the entire train model, the simulation of any track logics, signaling systems and train control systems

KMW Training & Simulation (T&S) “TRAINSIM” solution provides an outstanding rail simulation solution that covers the spectrum of the installation of integrated training concepts and can be tailored to any specific customer requirement. The product range includes part task trainers, desk simulators and full mission simulators with or without motion system, stationary or mobile.

KMW T&S train driving simulators include the entire train model, the simulation of any track logics, signaling systems or train control systems (like ETCS). The software also covers the simulation of any operational and/or technical malfunctions that can be released by the instructor (on- or offline) as well as the simulation of train diagnostic systems. The sophisticated instructor's station software (Graphical User Interface - GUI) enables the instructor to operate the simulator, to generate and to evaluate training sessions.

Numerous special effects are available within the simulation software like other animated traffic participants, animated bars, animals, etc. contribute for a close-to-reality simulation environment. The simulation of other train systems like radio (also GSM-R) and one of the best visual systems bring KMW T&S train simulators to perfection and makes it suitable for any kind of train simulation.

Additional easy to operate software modules enable customers to create own visual databases, to modify the train logic and to implement new simulated train configurations (track data editor, train editor). Thus, customers are able to perform necessary adaptations or modifications of its simulators without assistance. KMW supports this process by offering special trainings and after-sales-service.