Joint operations and training centers

Complete systems - simulation center

Complete training solution including infrastructure measures ranging from planning to delivery of turn-key solutions

KMW supports its customers in all phases of development, in close collaboration with the customer, from start to delivery of turn-key solutions. Customized training solutions which include all training aspects and necessary infrastructure measures, ranging from planning to implementation, through delivery of turn-key solutions offered. From the initial planning stage, KMW works in close collaboration with local partners and authorities to establish economical domestic maintenance and support structures.

KMW’s comprehensive know-how and Training & Simulation experience is used to create effective and well coordinated training systems all under one roof. Networking capabilities in all KMW simulators enables customers to combine existing KMW training systems, or those from other vendors (e.g. vessel or flight-simulators), together with the training systems from KMW to practice more complex scenarios. This capability enables training of tactical maneuvers in combined team operations, convoy simulation and combined arms tactical training.

KMW Training & Simulation looks forward to sharing its knowledge with its customers to provide know-how and support for implementing customized solutions which optimally meet customer requirements.