System-integrated training aids

System-Integrated Training Aids for IFV PUMA

Train as you fight

The most advanced technologies used on the AIFV PUMA in the form of optical and optronic vision equipment, the visual display on monitors as well as operation by means of components which intercommunicate via CAN network permit the simple integration of a simulator and consequently also the employment of the operational equipment for training.

The Vetronics concept of the AIFV PUMA makes it possible for the first time worldwide to take a future-oriented approach for complete combat training within a weapons system.

Upmost Reality
The AIFV PUMA will have system-integrated training aids (SIAM) which makes its own operating environment available for its crew training. Conventional container simulators replicating the combat compartment of the weapons system in form, fit, and function are no longer required.

Furthermore, the integration of SIAM today, will in the future provide more extensive capabilities and information, further improving the command and control of highly advanced weapons systems on the battlefield.

The currently available display of command and control information on a 2D map can be combined with the 3D graphics system using altitude information, photographs and vector information of the terrain in order to obtain support for situation and terrain assessments relative to the position of the combat vehicle.This gives the crew the ability to virtually view terrain sections which cannot be covered by the vision equipment of the AIFV. This facilitates crew orientation in unknown surroundings as well as provides a realistic display of the situation, including own and other vehicles.

Additional information, such as line of sight, occultation, vehicle characteristics and the effective ranges of weapons can be injected in order to make important decisions, such as route planning and the employment of own weapons on the basis of a more complete situation (decision-making assistance).

The future has arrived, as „Train as you fight“ is now possible with PUMA in combination with SIAM.  This superior training capability - networking PUMA with other weapon systems - enables the efficent use of the most modern AIFV worldwide.