Driving Simulators for tracked Vehicles

Driving Simulators for tracked vehicles

Realistic training, high resolution image display - virtual terrain

Driving simulators are excellent tools for delivering basic and advanced driver training. Cost savings are realized via reduced vehicle maintenance costs due to less wear and tear on real vehicles used in training. Additionally, shorter training cycles save costs and increase trainee throughput as trainees repeat training tasks numerous times in a short amount of time. Perhaps most importantly, situations difficult or impossible to train in real vehicle are possible with simulators.

An exact replication of the original vehicle driver’s place (gauges, controls, etc.) combined with a high fidelity 6 DoF motion system delivers the impression of a very realistic driving experience. A close coupling of accurate visual system and dynamic motion feedback significantly reduces motion sickness experienced in low-cost systems.

KMW‘s multichannel MiLCIG visual system combined with a curved projection screen creates a seamless immersive environment in which trainees quickly feel they are driving a real vehicle.

A detailed generic terrain database provides the visual environment for the training. It includes the types of terrain encountered by a driver in the real world (e.g. urban areas, highways, deserts, mountains, etc.). Additionally, intelligent andautonomous Computer Generated Forces operate within the virtual environment and interact with the trainee.