Driving Simulators for wheeled vehicles

Driving simulators for wheeled vehicles

Safe operations by situational training

KMW Military Driving Simulators are ideal tools Einkauf for light multi-purpose through armored combat vehicles (e.g. DINGO and BOXER).    

The simulators are also suitable for mission preparation and convoy driver training. Convoy training teaches proper use of braking and retarder systems as well as other systems in difficult terrain conditions that require advanced driving skills. Mission preparation familiarizes the driver with use of the vehicle in unknown terrain in challenging situations.    

Tactical driver training includes driving in combat conditions such as air raids, sniper attacks, road damage, mines, IEDs, etc. in open terrain to MOUT environments.


  • replication of original cabin
  • Co-driver Training
  • Auditorium for public viewing
  • Electrical 6DOF motion system
  • MILCIG multi-channel COTS PC-based visual system
  • Easy to use Instructor/Operator station for conducting and managing training
  • Plug & play networking of simulators for convoy driving


KMW can develop and deliver high-end driving simulators prior to the launch of an operational vehicle resulting in improved and safer designs and well-trained personnel (e.g. the KMW BOXER 8x8 driving simulator for the German Bundeswehr).


  • Various environmental conditions - rain, ice, snow, fog, smoke etc.
  • Observation of and reaction to vehicle malfunctions  
  • Virtual “Marshaller” controlled by instructor  
  • Traffic conditions - Intelligent autonomous traffic provides variable traffic density and driving behavior (defensive/aggressive, correct/incorrect, etc.)