Virtual dynamic terrain database

Development of visual databases in collabortion with local partners

Training requirements for databases can require detailed geographic and highly specific cultural background information only known by locals. KMW offers PC-based Visual Database creation stations to create, modify and import OpenFlight visual databases for regional adaptation to address this need.

KMW Training & Simulation provides Virtual Terrain Databases ready to use in all KMW simulators. They support a wide variety of training tasks ranging from complex MOUT operations to driver education.

They are geotypical databases specifically optimized for ground based training and as such are furnished with thousands of buildings, streets elements, signs, traffic lights, crossings, vegetation, lakes and rivers etc.

They cover between 200 km2 and 1200 km2. The Virtual Terrain Databases are accompanied with detailed cartographically accurate maps to allow for accurate mission planning and rehearsal.

The Virtual Terrain Databases support a wide range of dynamic functionality when used within a KMW simulator:

  • Hole marks caused by hollow rounds
  • Multiple and sectional destroyed states of buildings
  • Trenches, ditches and craters
  • Defilade positions.
  • Tank barriers and barbed wires.
  • Terrain modifications by constructive work
  • Vehicle tracks.

Dynamic changes are synchronized with all KMW simulators participating in an exercise.