The next generation of protected vehicles

Asymmetric threats and patrols in insecure areas demand not only the highest level of protection but also great agility and maneuverability. From the long-standing collaboration with the Bundeswehr, KMW has developed a command vehicle together with Rheinmetall, which resembles a modern SUV in terms of handling and versatility whilst readily fulfilling the requirements of modern army operations. The AMPV* sets international standards in terms of safety and security and thus belongs to an innovative, powerful and future-oriented generation of armored vehicles.

A number of characteristics make up the special appeal of this highly flexible vehicle: a small turning circle of 15m in connection with a 200kW (272 hp) engine guarantee a high mobility in confined urban areas. The self-supporting safety cell made from armor steel and composite armor increases the safety of the crew to a maximum. Furthermore, it is easily possible to operate the vehicle in heavy terrain. This is ensured by a high-performance chassis with independent suspension – and proven by the ability to climb gradients of more than 70%.

The version Type 2a of the AMPV has an empty weight of just 7,3 tonnes and an intended payload of up to 2,6 t. For self-defense the vehicle can be fitted with a weapon station on the roof which is either equipped with a machine gun up to a caliber of 12,7mm or a grenade launcher of 40mm caliber.


Main characteristics  of the AMPV

  • Construction of the vehicle  based on the mission experiences of the Bundeswehr
  • Self-supporting safety cell with composite armor for maximum level of protection in its class
  • Automated transmission for the best mobility on missions
  • Automated differential lock for easy handling
  • Vehicle concept with a balance between payload/volume, protection and gross weight
  • Robust chassis with independent suspension  designed to resist greatest strain in any terrain
  • Tyre pressure control system (RDRA)
  • High ergonomic standard and easy handling


Two series types – One vehicle family
The vehicle family of the AMPV encompasses two series types. The AMPV Type 1 is the smaller vehicle in terms of vehicle dimensions and is ideal as an agile liaison vehicle. In addition, a special patrol version is planned which is suitable for transport with the CH53 transport helicopter. The AMPV Type 2 is characterized by a higher level of protection as well as a higher payload. The entire vehicle family is however based on uniform construction principles and technologies. Both vehicle types have very compact vehicle dimensions which allow for the usage of identical components in terms of logistics. Thereby, an easier maintenance and training for all vehicles of the AMPV family are guaranteed.

With an empty weight of just 7.3 tons the AMPV has a payload of 2.6 tons and can accommodate four soldiers and a variety of armament variants. For self-defense purposes, the vehicle can be fitted with a weapons station on the roof, this being equipped with either a machine gun up to 12.7 mm caliber or a 40mm automatic grenade launcher. The second variant of the vehicle (AMPV 2) has larger vehicle dimensions and is characterized by a higher level of protection as well as the possibility of a higher payload.

* The AMPV is a joint venture between Krauss-Maffei Wegmann and RMMV