BOXER Ambulance

The best protected wheeled vehicle for rescue missions.

The Boxer marks a milestone when it comes to improving the equipment of medical soldiers in their tough everyday deployment. The eight-wheel-drive, armored vehicles provide paramedics with maximum protection, the highest degree of flexibility and the best conditions for the care of wounded on board.

When time becomes a decisive factor
Its high mobility coupled with a readiness for action even under the most extreme conditions ensure that the soldiers reach their destination within the shortest possible time - and that they can begin to take care of the wounded immediately.

Within seconds, the interior of the vehicle can be rearranged to treat either 7 slightly injured or 3 severely injured persons – by implication many other scenarios are possible too. The medical care on board is ensured through the most modern equipment - the intensive care of a critically injured person begins in the GTK BOXER (sgSanKfz) directly after its arrival. Its raised roof ensures a headroom of 1.85 m and provides a protected space of 17.5 cubic meters.

Modularity in perfection
The modular design enables a variety of BOXER mission-specific vehicle models. The uniform drive module can be supplemented by a number of user-specific mission modules for different tasks. The ability to quickly change the mission module, even between different versions, allows for new approaches in the areas of operational deployment and logistical support. This reduces the development and production costs and increases the tactical flexibility of the vehicle.

 All primary subsystems come already integrated into the driving module. This includes the complete drivetrain and all drive components, the driving cab, important support components such as the air conditioning and an auxiliary heating system, the fire extinguishing system for the engine compartment as well as all the interfaces to the mission module. It is therefore completely self-sufficient and can be equipped and refitted with every available mission module.

Maximum protection and greatest mobility
The Boxer offers an extraordinary and superior protection for its crew against mines, IEDs and ballistic threats and augments the endurance of the crew. The high level of protection is achieved by a multi-wall structure consisting of spaced and sloped armor in combination with additional protection elements. The reduced radar and infrared signatures, the low noise level, the high mobility remaining after projectile impact / mine detonations and the NBC protection system are the core elements of the overall protection strategy. The storage space for all personal equipment and the complete mission equipment as well as the air conditioning and NBC protection equipment are all completely protected under the armor. High mobility, stealth design, modern day-and night vision surveillance devices, a powerful remote-controlled weapon station, the smoke grenade launcher and a standard NBC System and air conditioning are further key elements for the survival of the crew in critical situations.

In addition to the high level of protection, mobility is the strong point of the boxer. A permanent eight-wheel-drive and an automatic transmission with selectable differential locks let the Boxer overcome even the most difficult terrain. The tires are equipped with run-flat elements and through the central tire inflation system, the tire pressure can be adjusted according to the the terrain type. Both of the two front axles are steerable. The independent suspension allows for both high speeds on roads as well as for excellent off-road handling characteristics. Through  the use of lateral wheel brakes the BOXER can be turned even within very small spaces. Additionally, the BOXER impresses through an extremely large range and long lasting action time. KMW: Integrated ambulance service from one source Whether in heavy terrain or under difficult combat conditions: KMWs ambulance vehicles offer the same level of protection and mobility as comparable combat vehicles. And that's just one of many examples why users from numerous allied countries rely on the medical vehicle expertise from the three letters “KMW”. Protection and mobility are not just words at KMW. They are core competencies that can be found in each vehicle detail, which demonstrate the tremendous technological standards that KMW has set for itself - and which you can expect of us in your demanding operations. The medical vehicles systems of Krauss-Maffei Wegmann can be equipped and manufactured in varying degrees of complexity: from the basic recovery of wounded to a complete mobile operating room. More information is available at