BOXER Driver Training Vehicle

The best training for missions

The BOXER driving school vehicle consists of a standard driving module and the driving school mission module.


Training for missions
Weight and handling characteristics of the vehicle correspond to the personnel carrier version. The driver operates the vehicle in the driver's seat, while up to two instructors sit in an elevated position in a special driving instructors cab. Two other crew members can be seated in the rear of the vehicle. The air-conditioned driving instructors cab is equipped with an active occupant protection system which also protects the occupants in the event of a rollover.

Modularity in perfection
The modular design enables a variety of BOXER mission-specific vehicle models. The uniform drive module can be supplemented by a number of user-specific mission modules for different tasks. The ability to quickly change the mission module, even between different versions, allows new approaches in the areas of operational deployment and logistical support. This reduces the development and production costs and increases the tactical flexibility of the vehicle.

All primary subsystems come already integrated into the driving module. This includes the complete drivetrain and all drive components, the driving cab, important support components such as the air conditioning and an auxiliary heating system, the fire extinguishing system for the engine compartment as well as all the interfaces to the mission module. It is therefore completely self-sufficient and can be equipped and refitted with every available mission module.

An enormous gain in capacity
In September 2009 the serial production of 272 Boxer for the German Army  began. They are delivered by the consortium, ARTEC, consisting of Kraus-Maffei Wegmann and Rheinmetall. 10 driving school vehicles have already been delivered to the German Armed Forces and ensure the necessary training of BOXER drivers and commanders. Further driving school vehicles are intended for the Dutch army. Since July 2011 the first BOXER vehicles are in use in Afghanistan, where the vehicles managed to gain the trust of the soldiers whithin a short period of time and overcome numerous missions since. Already now, one can hear a certain pride in the voices of the infantry soldiers when they speak of "their boxer" as the "mother ship of the infantry."


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