FENNEK Joint Fire Support Team

Pinpoint operations in the coordinated network of the German Army, Navy and Air Force.

For the German Army KMW has developed and delivered the Joint Fire Support Team (JFST) variant. The team (two FENNEK vehicles) consist of an Artillery Observer and a Forward Air Controller (FAC). The JFST includes an exceptionally powerful long-range BAA of the latest generation. The additional connection to the voice and data radio communication of the German Air Force and Navy make the FENNEK a unique asset within the JFST. Moreover, a laser designator can locate targets for the Air Force and guide laser-guided munitions to the designated targets.

The FENNEK family
The FENNEK vehicle family is the answer to various requirement profiles and has proven its worth time after time with over 600 combat-ready vehicles in the German and Dutch Army – and also currently, being deployed in Afghanistan. The three-man crew - driver, commander and radio operator/observer - can operate autonomously for up to five days. Equipment, operating materials, drinking water and food are carried in the vehicle. Air transportable in the C130, the FENNEK can be moved quickly and easily, even to distant areas of deployment.

Mobility With a total gross weight of up to 12 tons the FENNEK copes easily with gradients of over 60% and cross slopes greater than 35%. It has a turning radius of 13 meters and a water fording capability of up to one meter. An automatic tire pressure control system allows the vehicle to adapt perfectly to the terrain conditions. Its powerful engine is complemented by a selectable all-wheel-drive, a fully automatic transmission and a transfer case. The H-drive train allow the low height and low center of gravity of the vehicle, which in turn guarantee the high mobility in heavy terrain, whilst the use of state of the art engine technology enables a range of almost 1 000 kilometers.