GFF 4 Ambulance

Highest protection for lifesavers

One of the most important tasks of paramedics on the battlefield, is to recover wounded soldiers as quickly as possible, ensuring first aid treatment and the following corresponding medical care. Under enemy fire, they often risk their own lives.

Best care in the most difficult conditions
The GFF 4 ambulance vehicle makes a vital contribution to the improvement of the protected transport of the wounded in the 25 tonne class. Its multifunctional, fully protected mission compartment with a volume of more than 17m ³, provides maximum flexibility during its missions as an ambulance.

KMW: Integrated ambulance service from one source
Protection for lifesavers: The KMW-family unites pioneering medical concepts with internationally tested and proven protection technologies. From the 5-ton air-transportable vehicle for airborne special forces to a 35-ton rescue system for medical intensive care on eight wheels. Whether in heavy terrain or under difficult combat conditions: KMWs ambulance vehicles offer the same level of protection and mobility as comparable combat vehicles. And that's just one of many examples why users from numerous allied countries rely on the medical vehicle expertise from the three letters “KMW”.

Protection and mobility are not just words at KMW. They are core competencies that can be found in each vehicle detail, which demonstrate the tremendous technological standards that KMW has set for itself - and which you can expect of us in your demanding operations.

Protection and operational flexibility
The combination of high flexibility and high transport capacity as well as a large number of possible variants, offers the correct solution to the mission-specific needs of present and future missions of the armed forces.
With a total weight of up to 25 tons, a payload of max. four tons and an extremely capable off-road chassis, the GFF 4 offers outstanding tactical mobility in tactical operations. An optimal level of protection defies threats from hits, mines and improvised explosive devices (IED).

The multifunctional, fully protected mission compartment with a volume of more than 17 m³, offers a maximum of flexibility and variations. Using a modular system, it is easily possible to design different versions. The closed safety cell of the GFF4 also guarantees the highest level of protection - both for the crew as well as equipment and tools.

Basis for the outstanding mobility of the GFF4-Mobility is a chassis from IVECO, adapted to military requirements. Thus, an efficient and cost-effective logistical support is easily ensured - at any location in the world.

GFF4 - Convincing arguments for protection and flexibility:

  • Established all-terrain IVECO chassis
  • Interior height: 1.80 m
  • Protected interior volume: 17 m³
  • Payload: max. 4 t

Gross vehicle weight: 25 tons