GFF 4 Command & multipurpose vehicle

GFF 4 Command & multipurpose vehicle

A new definition of flexibility.

The GFF4 family of vehicles from Krauss-Maffei Wegmann sets a new standard of protection and flexibility in their vehicle class. A closed safety cell that combines the driver cab and the mission sepcific interior, protects the crew and more than four tons of payload from hits, mines and in improvised explosive devices (IEDs). The multi-functional, fully protected mission compartment with a volume of more than 17 m³ offers the greatest possible flexibility and versatility. With a total weight of up to 25 tons and an extremely robust off-road chassis, the GFF4 offers outstanding tactical mobility.

Innovative protection concept
The closed safety cell guarantees maximum protection against the full range of threats. Both for the crew, as well as equipment and tools. With its enhanced IED protection the GFF4 is the perfect response to current and future threats to the armed forces.

Mobility and reliability
Basis for the outstanding mobility of the GFF4 is a chassis from IVECO, adapted to military requirements. Thus, an efficient and cost-effective logistical support is easily ensured - at any location in the world.

Powerful and multifunctional
The outstanding mobility and agility of the GFF4 is achieved the with the help of a powerful engine with an engine performance of 330 kW. The optimal combination of an automated manual transmission with an automatic differential lock management system, a permanent all-wheel drive and a tire pressure control system provide for maneouvrability even in heavy terrain - special run-flat tires, reensure the necessary mobility. The GFF4 effortlessly overcomes gradients of up to 60 percent and  transversal slopes of up to 30 percent. The cruising range of the vehicle amounts to more than 700 kilometers. In combination with the engine-independent air-conditioning system and a self-sufficient extra power supply with an ouput of up to 20 kW , the GFF4 can operate independently over a period of several days independant of any external power supply. The exceptional height of more than 1.80 m within the passenger compartment allows the crew to work ergonomically under maximum protection.

The modular design of the GFF4 provides a unique versatility and variety whilst offering faster and easier logistical supply at the same time. This multi-functional platform makes it the ideal vehicle for a use as a mobile command post, for the transportation of materials & personnel as well as patrols for observation and monitoring missions or as an ambulance. Due to its extraordinary level of protection and the net volume of more than 17 m³ it is also ideal for operations of police forces, border protection and disaster relief units or civilian organizations. The GFF4 can be moved quickly to changing locations with the coming A400M transport aircraft.

GFF4 - Convincing arguments for protection and flexibility:

  • Combination of protection, mobility and transport capacity
  • Tested and proven chassis
  • Headroom > 1,80 m
  • Usable volume 17 m³ + 1 m³ unprotected
  • Payload 4 t
  • Additional generator
  • semi-automatic tire pressure control system
  • NBC protective ventilation + air-conditioning
  • Prepared fittings for weapon stations
  • Access between driver cab and mission compartment
  • Payload modularity
  • Various rear door options