MUNGO Group vehicle

Multifaceted mission spectra

With a gross weight of only 5,3 tonnes, the MUNGO can transport up to ten fully equipped soldiers. The MUNGO is the ideal solution for deploying air-transportable forces in crisis situations. The vehicle can be both disarmed for loading on a CH53 or CH47 transport helicopter as well as re-armed for deployment in only five minutes. In the transport airplanes of the type C130 and A400M two or even three MUNGO vehicles can be transported together with their crew. Furthermore, the MUNGO is air-transportable as external cargo by helicopter.

Performance characteristics of the  MUNGO Group vehicle

  • Transportable as an internal load / external load on board the CH 53 and CH 47 helicopters
  • 3 vehicles simultaneously transportable in a C130, C160 and A400M
  • Protection against ballistic threats and mines
  • Battle proven in multitudinous missions of the Bundeswehr, such as in Afghanistan or the Congo