MUNGO Large Capacity Vehicle

More space for missions

In the versions of the MUNGO Large Capacity, the vehicle is equipped with a continuous and armored large-capacity cabin. The useable volume can be as large as 8 cubic meters. The MUNGO Large Capacity Vehicle is air-transportable in a CH53 transport helicopter, despite its  larger exterior dimensions and higher weight. Therefore, it is especially suitable for deployment with the airborne forces.

Performance characteristics of the  MUNGO Large Capacity Vehicle

  • Transportable as an internal load on board the CH 53 and CH 47 helicopters
  • Up to 3 vehicles simultaneously transportable in a C130, C160 and A400M
  • Versions: Command and Communications, N/C-Reconnaissance or Field Ambulance.
  • Protection against ballistic threats (Level 2),  explosive devices and mines