MUNGO Multipurpose Vehicle

Size of an SUV – Payload of a truck

The multipurpose version of the MUNGO, with its universal hydraulic transport system, is especially suited for the mission specific transport of munitions and equipment for tanks, repair shops or NBC decontamination. A quick-change system for front-mounted equipment enables the deployment as a pioneer vehicle.  The MUNGO Multipurpose Vehicle has a payload of up to 1,5 tonnes and can transport further supply goods or mission kits by trailer.

Furthermore, the vehicle is excellently protected against ballistic threats and mines. Its armored undercarriage, which is detached from the chassis, together with the armored driver cab ensures maximum protection for the two-man crew.

Performance characteristics of the  MUNGO Multipurpose Vehicle

  • Transportable as an internal load / external load on board the CH 53 and CH 47 helicopters
  • Protection against ballistic threats and mines