MUNGO N/C Reconnaissance

Reconnaissance in all situations

In the N/C Reconnaissance version of the MUNGO, the armored vehicle has a three-man crew (commander, driver, “Spürer”). From within the  large and completely protected continuous safety cell, the crew can detect and identify threats from nuclear or chemical warfare agents, as well as similar industrial hazardous materials, with the use of a light N/C reconnaissance kit. To perform these tasks the crew does not need to leave the vehicle.

Due to its compact vehicle dimensions and its low gross weight, the MUNGO N/C Reconnaissance is air-transportable by, amongst others, a CH53 transport helicopter. In transport aircraft of the types C130, C160 and A400M up to three vehicles can be transported simultaneously.

Performance characteristics

  • Transportable as an internal load on board the CH 53 and CH 47 helicopters
  • Protection against ballistic threats and mines