Modular vehicle system for special and specialized forces

The SOV is an air-transportable utility vehicle specially designed for the demanding requirements of special forces. It combines unusual mobility and off-road performance with long operation range and a payload not formerly seen in this vehicle class.  The SOV provides protection from ballistic threats and has a mine-protected undercarriage. The modular design of the SOV allows for various mission-specific vehicle variants. The cross-functional chassis permits options such as a protected transport vehicle with remote-controlled weapon station, a pickup or a vehicle with high-protection cabin.

Air transportability

The innovative folding roll bar shortens the preparation time for loading into a CH-53 transport helicopter to less than three minutes. Weapons remain mounted, allowing combat readiness immediately after unloading. Easily accessible external loading eyelets.



  • The robust chassis provides unusual mobility and off-road performance with a favorable power-weight ratio
  • Very short preparation time for transport in a CH-53
  • 1000 km range
  • Numerous armament options
  • Up to 2.5 t payload
  • 4 + 2 soldier crew, depending on mission requirements
  • Simple logistics for supply of approved spare parts


Alternative vehicle variants

  • Protected transport vehicle
  • Protected pickup
  • Mothership. Other mission variants possible

Each vehicle variant can be equipped with a remote controlled weapon station and the Wegmann 76/40 mm launching system.