TERRIER Armoured Personnel Carrier

Redefining flexibility

The combination of carefully planned flexibility at a high transportation capacity and a great variety provides the right answer for the operational requirements of current and future missions of the armed forces.

By implementing a consistent protection philosophy on a commercial IVECO chassis, a wide range of vehicles between 5 and 18 t can be covered. In spite of these varying weight classes, there are considerable logistic benefits for use and maintenance of the vehicles - in every theatre of operation in the world.

The off-road chassis of the whole TERRIER series offers excellent tactical mobility during missions. A protection level optimised for the relevant weight class defends against ballistic threats, mines and improvised explosive devices (IED).

The multi-purpose, completely protected loading space of approx. 7 to 14 m3 in volume provides ultimate flexibility and versatility. Because of its modular system, it is easy to design different variants.

Very important for all of the vehicle series is the end to end safety cell, both for the crew as well as equipment and devices.


Thoroughly designed seats and doors make it an ideal personnel carrier.

  • Combination of protection, mobility and transport capacity
  • Proven chassis
  • Headroom approx. 1.3 – 1.6 m
  • Effective volume 7  – 14 m³
  • Utility weight approx. 1 – 4 t
  • Passage between driver's and mission area
  • Side doors behind driver and co-driver, thus also usable by the squad
  • Modularity for armaments
  • Optional tyre inflation system
  • Optional NBC protection ventilation
  • Optional A/C
  • Prepared for the integration of the RCWS 100 or RCWS 200 weapon station