Cold climate testing of IFV PUMA in Northern Norway

March 19th, 2012|

As expected, the proving ground in Northern Norway offers excellent opportunities to test the PUMA IFV in a subpolar climate. During the testing temperatures were as low as - 30 ° Celsius. The constantly blowing icy wind drops the perceived temperatures even further. The proving ground is very spacious and there are several shooting lanes.

The long roads leading up to the shooting lanes offer an exellent way to test the handling of the tracked vehicle on snow and ice covered surfaces. Thus, various configurations of snow claws were examined for use on icy roads and in snowy terrain.

For about two months the main armament, the MK30-2 / ABM, and the secondary armament MG4 of the PUMA IFV are testet extensively. Almost every day elaborate series of measurements accompany the driving and shooting program. These measurements record temperature gradients of the vehicle interior in relation to the exterior temperatures, in particular after a cold start.

The tests in this cold climate place very high demands on the weapon system and its crew. Up until the beginning of April, the PUMA IFV must prove itself at these extreme weather conditions.